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Michelin Starred Dim Sum At The Price Of A Finger And A Toe

Tim Ho Wan   Hong Kong is a sensory overload of sorts. The glowing lights of Victoria Harbor, theme parks, tiny hotel rooms, and 8 million people jammed into a small area. I experienced such an overload when I stepped foot inside Tim Ho Wan, the Michelin Starred dim sum restaurant. Located on the basement … Continue reading

The Squat Toilet

I heard my someone call out my name at starbucks. I breathed a sigh of comfort when I grabbed my iced latte, not because the wait was over but because that was closest I had been to home in a month. In China, nothing is the same as it is in the United States. That … Continue reading

Slimmin’ Ain’t Easy

I lost thirty pounds. Twice. Let me back up a bit. Following the stock market crash of 2008, I had no job prospects and a bad case of senioritis. I self-medicated. With food. I wasn’t obese by any means, but I did enjoy the occasional king-sized chocolate bar. And by occasional, I mean daily.  My … Continue reading

A Day in the Life

A wag once observed that each of us is the average of the five individuals with whom we spend the most time. That would make me two-fifths cat. There’s nothing like a freshly caught fish for dinner, basking under the rays of a hot New Jersey sun, or rolling around in the dirt. Welcome to … Continue reading


I called my phone and got a foreign voice on the other line. “Hello,” he answered. “Hi, this is my phone,” I said. “It was your phone,” he calmly replied.  “It’s mine now.” “Can I get it back?” I asked. “Listen, I just lost my phone too. I know how it is.  So I’ll make … Continue reading